Monday, July 18, 2011

on the road to tomorrow ...

On the road to tomorrow I am working on saving more money. It's amazing to me how many things are so simple (and cheap) to make yet we don't anymore. We opt to purchase 'ready made' at ten times the price. Ready made full of sugar and chemicals and additives.

Today I made yogurt for the first time. After months of putting off buying a yogurt maker ($50) I found a recipe using the crock pot. Ten hours later, I have yogurt. It's runny, more like kefir. But I like kefir so I'm fine with that. It's in the fridge now, we'll see how it sets up. And I have some of the batch in a strainer with paper towel to see if that helps thicken.

No colorings. No sugar. Just yummy goodness

on the hunt for more ways to save cash. ...

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