Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Work Out Club

First Rule of Work Out Club? Tell EVERYONE about Workout Club

So what is workout club? Every Tuesday and Thursday I get together with some girlfriends to work out - take a walk, lift weights, do yoga, whatever suits you (or the weather) that day. 

What's so unique about this, you ask ... well - first of all, my girlfriends and I live in different states.

We were having trouble sticking to our commitments to ourselves so we committed to each other! We trust each other enough to trust each other and we have enough honor to not cheat the commitment.

So every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:00 pm eastern we set our IM messages to DND, park our phones,and simply walk away. We've got two under our belts, for now. With a plan for many many more...

Who is in the club?

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